Security Professional 4

This course will prepare students to employ skills needed discusses several subjects relevant to employment as a homeland security professional. These include hazardous materials, types of security and their components, and proven methods for planning and conducting security operations. This course is presented in two semesters.


Semester 1 discusses types and factors of patrol; professional relationships; controlling traffic, parking and crowds; preserving evidence; working with witnesses and providing testimony. It also describes various types of protection systems as well as methods and technologies that enhance access control.


Semester 2 discusses proven procedures, equipment, and techniques for planning and conducting security operations and responding to security incidents. It also describes a variety of safety procedures and professionalism.


1 Credit


Career Elective Security Professional 1
Career Elective Security Professional 2
Career Elective Security Professional 3


Semester 1

  • Security Professional IV: Semester 1 Pretest
  • Types of Security
  • Understanding Techniques
  • Types of Patrol
  • Factors of Patrol
  • Basic Public Relations
  • Relations with Police
  • Taking Notes
  • Techniques for Writing Reports
  • Protection Officers and Traffic Control
  • Methods of Controlling Traffic
  • Parking
  • Crowd Control
  • Evidence
  • Preserving Evidence
  • Witnesses
  • Providing Testimony
  • Perimeter, Area, and Point Protection Systems
  • Techniques for Controlling Access and Egress
  • Badges, Digital Controls, and Barriers
  • Security of Information
  • Security Professional IV: Semester 1 Pretest


Semester 2

  • Security Professional IV: Semester 2 Pretest
  • General Safety
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Prevention, Detection, and Suppression
  • Fire Classes and Extinguishers
  • Protection of People
  • Officer Responsibilities in Case of Fire
  • Emergency Measures Plan
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Receiving and Responding to Bomb Threats
  • Telephone Bomb Threats
  • Containers for Explosives
  • Bomb Placement
  • Basic Professionalism and Ethics
  • Memory and Observation Skills
  • Labor Relations
  • General Operating Procedures
  • Powers of a Protection Officer
  • Common Offenses
  • Legal Jurisdictions
  • Security Professional IV: Semester 2 End of Semester Exam

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